Onnellisuus - Documentary series about happiness in the world’s happiest country

According to the World Happiness Report 2022, Finland it the happiest nation for the fifth year in a row. This project is a photographic journey documenting happiness in Finland - in nature, in everyday life and at work, in the city, in the countryside, outdoors and indoors. The project combines both street and documentary style photography, and photographs depict genuine and real moments as they occur. The project aims to help people see good moments in their everyday life. Supported by Taike – Arts Promotion Centre Finland..

 Tampere DOK - Moments of life in the midst of change 

I am a member of Tampere DOK, a collective of 10 photographic artists who delve into the ongoing and historical transformation of their hometown’s urban landscape. In recent years, the development of Tampere has been dizzying. In my photo series, I focus on Tampere from the perspective of its inhabitants. I photographed mainly in the downtown area, but as well as in Pyynikki and Ranta-Tampella. They illustrate moments of life during the change. This project received support from the Alfred Kordelin Foundation. The final exhibition will be held in November 2022 in Finlayson Vonninki gallery in Tampere.

The Way We Are

The Way We Are is a long-term project including street photographs conveying memories, feelings and situations observed and captured when travelling in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, India, Cuba, the USA and Europe. Excerpts have been exhibited in group exhibitions in Nykyaika Gallery and Laikku Gallery in Tampere, Finland. 

Shanghai Me

Shanghai Me is a series of street photographs documenting life in Shanghai and the changes observed during my six years of living in the city. Most of these images were captured during the final three months of my stay and carry memories and feelings about Shanghai. They are images depicting where ordinary life meets the development change. The project was exhibited in Nykyaika Gallery in Tampere, Finland.